Gorhi Terelj National park

Gorhi-Terelj National park

Formed in 1993, the national park covers 2,864square kilometers of the southern Khentii Mountain Range. Terelj is located only 70kms east of Ulaanbaatar.  It’s a picturesque place of high cliffs eroded in Mesozoic granites, creating a wonderful landscape. Huge blocks of granite have been eroded by wind, rain, frost, ice and natural acids into bizarre shapes, as if by some giant sculptor. The Turtle Rock - Melkhii khad - is an interesting rock formation looking like a turtle. This area is rich in wild life. Visitors can take leisurely strolls on green meadows carpeted with edelweiss and a dazzling variety of other wild flowers, view fascinating rock formations against a backdrop of pine covered mountains and wander along the wooded banks of a mountain stream.