Facts on Mongolia

Mongolia is located in Asia, occupying 1,566,500 square km. It is completely landlocked between two large neighbours - the Russian Federation and China.

State structure
Mongolia is a unitary state and divided administratively into Aimaks (21) and a capital city.

With its 3 million inhabitants, Mongolia has got one of the lowest population densities in the world. The capital city Ulaanbaatar has got more than 1million inhabitants.

Summers are continental, warm and rainy. Winters are extremely cold. The average summer temperature is +20°C. The average winter temperature is -20oC. The average annual precipitation is 200mm. There are 250 sunny days a year.

Over 90% of the population speaks khalkh mongolian. Khazakh is a minor language. Russian is spoken by many graduates. Often, Mongolians are educated in Russia. English is replacing Russian as the second language.

Traditionally based on agriculture and livestock breeding (camels, horses, cattle, goats and sheep) and mining (gold, coal, copper).

Buddhism, Shamanism, Islam, Christianity.

Time: +7 hours to GMT.
Electric current
The standart voltage is 220 volts/50Hz
Country code: 976 and area code for Ulaanbaatar 11.
Mobile telephone
Networks:GSM 900,CDMA
Access available in Ulaanbaatar at business centres, hotels, internet cafes and at the post offices in province centres.
Public holidays
December 31-January 1-New year’s day; January/February -Lunar new year’s day 'Tsagaan Sar';March 8-International Women’s day; June 1-Mother and Children’s day; July 11-13-National Holiday'Naadam': November 26-Independence day.