The Mongolia experience like no other!

Want to experience the authentic Mongolia off the tourist path? Want to with nomads share everyday life, live in yurts and tents, listen to Mongolian songs at the campfire, taste the joy of life, not as a tourist presentation?

If you want the original, unique experience with the people, their landscapes and fantastic Mongolia, this is the right trip for you!

Mongolia is four times as big as Germany so we travel the longer distances with a Russian SUV. In the remotest and most interesting areas, we offer to continue the journey by horse, bike, or trekking tours on foot. On any of our trips, we consciously avoid Western comfort and dive fully into the culture and way of life. We will catch fish in crystal clear rivers and cook them at the camp fire. A local cook or a Cook will accompany us and provide regional cuisine. The food is matched to the Western palate, without excessively distorting the typical cuisine.



In addition to the route proposed by us, we will also work out individual trips with you.

So you can undertake the highest mountain of Mongolia, take a tour in the Gobi desert or travel to the Taiga. Of course we also have the classic destinations and tourist magnets including the Khongor Sanddunes, the Vulture Gorge or the Khustai National Park.(Przewalskis horses)

During our trips, you will not only observe the diverse flora and fauna of Mongolia, but we are able to bring you to their way of life.

We are mindful to adjust our travel ecologically to the nature and landscape of Mongolia. We leave no trace where you will travel with us so that after our departure, no one will tell that we were there!

As a special feature, for the first time we are offering a Mongolian winter trip. Since the temperatures can fall to CA-40 °, this trip is a challenging and only available for people with extreme travel experience. This tour is also possible with skis depending on the snow conditions.

Are you interested in travel with "Mongolei Reisen anders"?

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 We are working with "Bayasgalant " Children Care Center" in Mongolia. Many young Mongolians are very motivated for their future.They have got great ideas and big plans.Unfortunately,Parents and relatives cannot support them. That’s why some of the profit of our company is used as a good cause to support young Mongolians.The young people receive the money as a “helping hand”towards a more promising future.